Enabling Spaces

Shelly Dival
2017 Churchill Fellowship Recipient
Autism-Friendly Building Design

Shelly Dival, Building Designer

Different buildings for different minds

Hundreds of thousands of people in Australia are on the autism spectrum. Even more people identify as having a neurological condition. For many of these people, our buildings, the built environment and even our homes are constant sources of varying challenges. Sensory overload, high levels of stress and anxiety and difficulty in concentration and the feeling of safety can have a detrimental effect on people’s mental wellbeing.

Enabling Spaces is about changing all of that.

Where it all started

For us, it's personal

Shelly Dival, the force behind Enabling Spaces, combines 20 years of building design experience with specialised expertise in design for autism supported by global research. With Enabling Spaces, you can positively impact your community by making our homes and businesses a supportive place for individuals on the autism spectrum and the wider neurodiverse community. 

Supported by the Churchill Trust

Postcards to Jacson

Postcards to Jacson is the foundation of Enabling Spaces. It documents my journey as a Churchill Fellow conducting international research into supportive building design practices for the neurodiverse community. While my original focus was architecture for autism, my findings highlight the application to the broader neurodiverse community. Read about my journey and enabling architecture here.

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